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Varsity for me

Filed Under: hockey, school    by: Levi Johnston

I got varsity for the WHS Warriors.  I rock!

10 Responses to “Varsity for me”

  1. Palin Izza Lyar (Elk Grove, CA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    I love to fuck with Bristol. Her mom is a MILF, too. What the fuck?

  2. oooooo (Las Vegas, NV, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Yes. Yes, you do rock.

  3. GEORGE M. HARVEY (Unknown City, , United States Flag of United States) Says:

    so this is where the put the puck not the @$^*) up

  4. steven hoshaw (Unknown City, , United States Flag of United States) Says:

    i was curious if you ever played on the Alaska All-Stars or attended any of the pacific district usa hockey festivals when you were younger. i played with the California Wave so i was just curious if we ever played against each other.

  5. Anna (Unknown City, , United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Levi, Watched the Tyra show this morning and I suggest the next time you do an interview you leave your sister at home. I believe she is the trouble maker in the family and don’t blame Bristol for not liking her. Your mother and you did good in ans. the questions but your sister was just looking for her 15 min. of fame by being a trouble maker. If you could control your sisters mouth then maybe the news would leave your family alone and then maybe the Palins would have more respect for your family. Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut if you want something, like seeing more of the baby.

  6. Mary Hardaway (Amory, MS, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    I think after all you did to Bristol Palin and left her hight & dry, you need to slink off and keep your mouth shut. Speaking of someone capitalizing on 15 minutes of fame. That’s you!

  7. mr mojo (Clearwater, FL, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    You are about a worthless piece of shit. Your 15 minutes are up and it’s only that he liberals love denigrating S.Palin more than they love you. You look like an idiot by saying you have things on her.
    When will the press realize you the white version of Tawana Brawley, never let the truth get in the way of a story.

  8. Marina Corbin (Atlanta, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    You are not a loser you are just a young man and your judges here have been told by God not to judge but they are doing it anyway. You have a son and show him the right way and don’t worry about anything else.
    You will be alright if the right people will pray for you. I hope you have seen my Church website at Thanks Levi.

  9. Marina Corbin (Atlanta, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Levi you can take anyone you want to an interview. I didn’t see the interview but am sure you did fine with your sister by your side. I am not into ice hockey because that seems dangerous to me. I don’t like football because it is dangrous and cruel. I don’t like baseball because of the dangrous bat. The only sports I sort of like are tennis – my favorite – because you can keep the ball in the air and not let it hit the ground as if the ball has no gravity like in outer space but it is difficult to do isn’t it? Basketball is ok too because no dangerous weapon is involved like a bat, etc. The leather ball can hardly be dangerous if you do with it what you are supposed to do which is put it into the net. I kind of like ice skating too and I used to ice skate as a young girl. See, I look at things this way: are they pleasant or are they dangerous and I choose my liking accordingly.
    On your blog here you talk about ice hockey and people came here to talk about sexually attacking the mother of your son and other females in your extended family. Those people who did that better be ashamed. Don’t worry what I say here will rectify what ugly things they said and make you shine as bright as a star again and make you blameless and make them look so guilty they might come to you now to apologize. Lol.
    Love in Jesus, Marina. OO

  10. Marina Corbin (Atlanta, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    This man in number 7 here he blames you for using stuff against Sarah Palin. I have this to say to him: Sarah Palin started the fight and Levi is just defending himself because he isn’t a wimp. Sarah Palin is the one who put shame on herself for hurting Levi, the father of her grandson, and it wasn’t Levi who started this b s. Look at Sarah Palin’s age and compare that to Levi Johnstons’s in addition to the first point I brought up and you’ll see how right Levi is and how wrong Sarah Palin is.

    Love in Jesus, Marina.

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