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Filed Under: bristol, pregnant    by: Levi Johnston

I’ve talked it over with Bristol, and I think we’re going to have an abortion.  I hope her mom doesn’t find out about this…does anybody know where the nearest abortion clinic is from Wasilla, AK???

Also, If anybody can help us with the expenses.  I don’t want to ask her mom for money, and we all know I’m broke… Please donate some money to me!!! – Click Here!

79 Responses to “ABORT ABORT ABORT”

  1. confused and milfed (Petaling Jaya, 14, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia) Says:

    phew… at least now we know Trig really is Sarah’s. but the real question though, is — who’s Trig’s dad? Perhaps you could enlighten us, levi? *wink* *wink*

  2. captain morgan (Minneapolis, MN, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    fairy tale stories, I like that.

    I have a great one I heard.

    It’s called the Ten Commandments

    “A group of extremely bored Israelites ate a bunch of easily-accessible mushrooms and imagined a bunch of crazy shit.”

  3. Joe (Amsterdam, 07, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands) Says:

    BTW… Please read this to Bristol.

  4. Joe (Amsterdam, 07, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands) Says:

    Hello Levi.
    I’m Going to get right to the point.
    If you go to Walmart today, and a truck hits you and totals your car and you die were would you go? Heaven or Hell? That’s for you to know! But when, I repeat WHEN you stand before a Holy and Righteous God, He is going to judge you for all that you did in your life! And the law that he is going to judge you by is The Ten Commandments. Have you ever lied? I’m sure you have! So have I! What does that make you? A liar. Right? Have you ever Stolen anything? If so what does that make you? A thief! Right? Have you ever murdered any body? That’s for you to know! But If you have an abortion, YOU WILL BE A MURDERER!!! When God Judges you by the Ten Commandments are you going to be insistent or guilty? If you have even lied ONCE you are a sinner! I’m a sinner too! But the difference is That I accepted the gift the God offers to every one on earth! And that gift was first offered 2000 years ago when God sent His Son (Jesus) to die on a cross for our sins! And that same gift is still being offered to you. Levi! I accepted this gift 9 years ago and I have never been the same! Now Levi! Please accept that gift! Jesus is waiting for you to accept it! Levi, Jesus loves you! Stop pushing away the gift! Levi, If you believe that your a sinner, and that Jesus died for you, Please pray this prayer!

    “Dear God, Thank you for sending you Son to die for me. Please forgive me for my sin, and come into my heart!
    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

    I care about your soul Levi! I want you to have the same joy that I have.

    If you want to email me you can write me at Change the “.” between beacontotheworld and gmail to “@”.

  5. Undecided (Niles, IL, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    I’ve been watching, listening and reading about the details/gossip of the fiasco with the Palin family.

    I really DO feel for Bristol & Levi. I doubt the truth will ever be known, but those kids don’t have a life of their own anymore.

    What I DO however have a huge problem with, is the lack of evidence Gov Palin can provide to prove that Trig is really her child!

    Wouldn’t ALL rumors be put to rest if she can supply a simple piece of evidence, called a BIRTH CERTIFICATE??? I fail to understand why she puts her own child in the middle, while avoiding the obvious solution to the pages and pages of gossip.

    Gov Palin, it would take ONE piece of paper to save you, your children and the Republican party.

  6. jaundice (New York, NY, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Wait, K. Brice:

    “So I don’t see why you losers who have nothing better to do are attacking him. Its stupid. So please, I am asking nicely as I can, leave my cousin alone!”

    Was that really as nicely as you could? Damn.

  7. Joe (Amsterdam, 07, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands) Says:

    I’m not attacking him in the least bit! Nor an I attacking Sarah Palin! I’m completely behind her and McCain. I’m a republican and hate abortion! So does Sarah Palin! I just have a burden for Levi’s soul! I don’t want him to burn in hell! That is why I gave him a warning. And I don’t want you to burn it hell ether, jaundice! I don’t wish hell on my worst enemy!

  8. Condoleeza Rice (Prince George, BC, Canada Flag of Canada) Says:

    George, you were sleeping with other women besides Laura and I?

    That’s it, I’m leaking details for the Saudi invasion to MSNBC.

  9. horrified & sick (Mather, CA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Levi, Levi, Levi,

    Your mother in law’s sentiments notwithstanding, you will come to deeply regret that there was no abortion. Now you find yourself the most famous Alaskan high school dropout in the nation, ridiculed, laughed at, and made fun of in myriad different ways, including This will become a hell, a nightmare, worse than you could ever imagine in your life. Here you thought it was hot stuff to brag to all your friends that you had screwed the governor’s daughter. Well, well, well, now you know what BIRTH CONTROL is for.

    Your penance is severe but just. After the next 3 months you may have wished you had never lived.

  10. graves (Elkhart, IN, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Don’t worry. You won’t have to abort after all…

  11. George W. Bush (Cary, NC, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Hey hey, If Sara says it is your choice to keep the baby then I suspect she wants every American to be able to make their own choices if they get knocked up eh I mean pregnant by mistake. You really didn’t mean for that condom to break – or did you? Sly like a fox. Reminds me of me a few years ago.. Hey Condi, keep your mouth shut, you foxy little slut.

  12. oooooo (Las Vegas, NV, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    If Creationism is such bullshit, how do you explain tht this domain name was REGISTERED 6,000 YEARS AGO????


  13. Condoleeza Rice (Prince George, BC, Canada Flag of Canada) Says:

    I can’t believe I gave up Stanford for this shit.

  14. Mary Cheney (Sydney, 02, Australia Flag of Australia) Says:

    Hey Condi, have you been chewing on some other skanky hoe’s carpet?

  15. Condoleeza Rice (Prince George, BC, Canada Flag of Canada) Says:

    Oh, no you didn’t!

    That’s it. I’m flashing your husband, bitch. I hope he has a heart attack.

  16. amanda austin (Ash Grove, MO, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    what in the world are you serious that isnt fair its killin the baby

  17. ghgfhfg (Hamel, MN, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    hell know u wanted to have sex not me

    hoe u ugly levin johnson i dont know why she had sex with u

  18. Tanner (Burnaby, BC, Canada Flag of Canada) Says:

    FAAAALCOOONN PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bill (Duluth, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    This site sucks

  20. sassinfras (Sydney, 02, Australia Flag of Australia) Says:

    if your future mommy inlaw becomes VP ,don’t worry for there still will be mafia run abortion clinics.

  21. dude (Shawano, WI, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    dude this is so fake.

  22. Stacy (Chula Vista, CA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    I know you claim this is a parody site. However, I think the those that still believe Gov. Palin wants to teach creationism (DEBUNKED, GET OVER IT) don’t know it is parody. I’m just starting to wonder why there is so much hatred directed at Governor Palin and her family. Before you have another emotional outburst of venom, here me out. You all hate in the same blind and irrational manner of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi party. I have never before in my life seen such evil hatred directed at someone, for no particular reason except maybe because of her political party. That is still blind hate. You are all no better than white hooded cowards hiding behind your keyboards. Enjoy that hatred, just know that it will give you cancer eventually.

  23. Uncle Larry (North Richland Hills, TX, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Ha! Unbelievable. I assume most stupid people posting here do not know what PARODY means.. Brandon told me about it. Gave me a big laugh. Congrats on your new house. Keep up the good work.. Uncle Larry

  24. hilf (Rockford, IL, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    you are an ass maybe you ought to stop bashing other people and think about your baby’s feelings coz this baby will know all the lies your telling and even if some were true its defamation of character to your babies family now who side do you think your child will take later its always the one that dont talk shit I hope your child hates you for this. you obviously you wouldnt have made a great father anyway you deserve what you get

  25. Marina Corbin (Atlanta, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    I know what it means to face and go through abortion and it is very hard. But you have your son now. When having people in the way like your so called mother in law then it is easy to imagine that a young inexperienced person like you – a mere teenager – might consider such an option as abortion. I know you were young and inexperienced and it matters in front of God so you know God is going light on you here because of your youth and inexperience and because of your fear.

  26. Marina Corbin (Atlanta, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Bristol Palin is a very beautiful young woman. When I first saw her I thought what an exceptional beautiful young woman she is. It is not difficult to imagine that you fell for such a beautiful young woman. To this day I think she is so beautiful – especially her face.
    Listen to some of the songs by the Casting Crowns and some of them will tell you that one needs to look into the beauty inside of a person also. That is what matters. When thinking back in history which one person comes to mind with the most beautiful mind ever? Jesus Chris our LORD. Jesus is the LORD and King of all those who are true Christians and not of those who say they are Christians and then bash a helpless young man like you. The best friend you have Levi is Jesus Christ and he would never bash you and you know that I hope.
    I am in TN and not GA but this blog won’t let me change my location back to TN. HOw do I do that?

  27. Marina Corbin (Atlanta, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Why don’t people listen to their own sayings one of which goes like this: \if you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all!\

    Isn’t that a golden rule?

    I live by this rule because it is something Jesus has said before anyone else said it.

  28. roger (Spartanburg, SC, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    baby killer!

  29. roger (Spartanburg, SC, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Levi is not a man. He is a sperm donor. Wish the courts would give the Palins full custody. Someday your son will hate you for what you put his mother through…..but hey, you don’t care; it’s all about you!!!!! sick

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