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She found out

Filed Under: Uncategorized    by: Levi Johnston

Oh no, I think she found out.  Bristol left the pregnancy test in the garbage, instead of throwing it in the outside one.  I hope this doesn’t leak.  I hear she’s going to be running for something political.

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  1. ana (Unknown City, , Unknown Country Flag of Unknown Country) Says:

    I feel so sorry for u levi – being a mom of 3 boys u have no idea what u are missing out on !! These r the most important years of tripps life that you are not a part of – and let me tell you he will remember that and most likely never forgive you for that!! I know that first hand – and I hope you can live with yourself for that -because tripp will not forget it ! Dont let it go on or you will spend the rest of your life regreting it !k

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