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My mom’s in stripes

Filed Under: Uncategorized    by: Levi Johnston

Didn’t even know she was a drug dealer, and here she goes off to jail for dealin’ drugs.  ahh well, I like my new mom anyway.


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6 Responses to “My mom’s in stripes”

  1. eric (Schenectady, NY, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    see if we voted on this we would be looken at a drug dealer who had her baby in jail. America was smart this time around levi johnston is a 17 years old the totaly opposate happend with her with what happened to that spears girl her bf cheated on her but bitch left him after the drug charges see this is why amrica was smart into not voten 4 that sarah palin as vp she was for abortions and her daughter had her baby lastnight come on this is why woman cant be presadents or vps because of this bull shit

  2. mlynn (Honolulu, HI, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Eric, how old are you? don’t waste you time blogging in these “HATE” sites. It will do you no good but create hateful and resentment for things that don’t concern you. By reading your comments, seems like you need a lot more time in grammer school. If you’re not here to give this troubling young man (Levi) a piece of sound and wise advice, than don’t get involve because you don’t know the Palin family or vise versa. Please keep your opinions for yourself because the TURTH is, they don’t make sense at all.

  3. Jill (Camarillo, CA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Your mom smoked so much crack when she was pregnant with you, that’s why you’re such a fuck up.

  4. Jonny, UK (Derby, D2, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom) Says:

    Hey, guys, this is a PARODY site- its NOT REAL- just a LAUGH. you guys know what a laugh is in america is, ryt? By the way, there is NO need for such language. Its really not needed or acceptable.

  5. kaitlyn (Unknown City, , United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Don`t worry about bristol,sarah,your mom or any one else. You have your life to live to explore!Nobody can take that away from you.

  6. Tracy (Tacoma, WA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    new mom? why wasn’t i invited? i was in love with your father for years.

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