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Filed Under: bristol, math, school    by: Levi Johnston

god, I fucking hate math.  Why do they make this shit so complicated.  sorry for cussing but this is stupid.  Why on earth would I ever need to know x and y and all that.  I’m going to be a hockey player.  I don’t need the quadratic equation tyvm.  Bristol knows math though, thank good.  She helps me with it.  Hopefully I can just pass this class and get on with it.

I met someone

Filed Under: bristol, dating, school    by: Levi Johnston

Her name is Bristol.  and she is HOT.  I’ve been with girls before, but I think this is the one.  what do you think?

Varsity for me

Filed Under: hockey, school    by: Levi Johnston

I got varsity for the WHS Warriors.  I rock!