This is a parody site, and for entertainment purposes only.

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You really think it would be that easy to find info on this guy?

This is a parody site, and for entertainment purposes only! None of the information on this site has been verified as accurate.

Hi, I’m Levi Johnston. I just happen to have the same name as somebody who’s in the news. I live in Phoenix, AZ (the opposite spectrum from Alaska eh?). I’m a web developer/programmer/analyst…pick a title…any title… Need some work done on a website, or having issues with a database? Email me at knocked.up@levi with the subject (From Palin), and I’ll see what emails I can get to. Here’s a funny fact. I did go to Alaska a few months ago’. Unfortunately, I was about 800 miles short of going to Wasilla. I went as far north as Juneau on the cruise ship.


How did you acquire the domain name?
Hi, I’m Levi Johnston, and I am not a hockey player. <— Don’t know if you caught that part. Levi Johnston is my real name. I’ve had this domain name for about 5 years. I used to have information about myself on this site. I found out about this snafu, and asked myself a question. When thousand of people seeking rumor information go on the internet, type in “Levi Johnston” in any search engine, and click on the first link, what should they see? I decided little bits and pieces about my life wasn’t very interesting. So, I decided to (quickly) create this parody site.

How did you know about this?
I had an instant messenger flash application running on my website. Somebody IM’d me asking if I was the hockey player, and it all came about after that. Honestly, if he did not share my name, I wouldn’t have even known about the entire incident. I’m not one to follow rumors, and things that don’t matter.

Why did you do this/create this site?
I do not have a political agenda. I wouldn’t even know about this incident if he didn’t share my name. The only thing I cared about was this website, and what would happen to it. If I left it the way it was, it would have had an increased hosting bill, and no entertainment for the visitor, or myself. So, I decided to do this instead.

Why should I hire you? – You sound like a complete ditz in those blog posts!
Yes, to try to convince people that it’s not a joke, I did degrade my grammar/spelling a bit. Also, I’ve been working on this late into the night now, and I’m not thinking straight.

Why is your site down?
I guess I shouldn’t answer this on a page within the site…but here goes…I have been (insert many various news sites and search engines here)-dotted. I probably won’t get slashdotted, but I see a few stories on digg…I see many news sites having “Levi Johnston.” Since I am the first site that pulls up for “Levi Johnston” on any search engine, here comes the traffic.

Why is your site up?
Woohoo, that means that my optimization worked – for now. When I found out about this, I installed wordpress, found a quick hockey-related theme (The other Levi’s a hockey player), and started adding pre-dated posts that would make sense. Unfortunately, just a few hours into it, I couldn’t access the post editing page anymore. I installed WP-Cache. Great, it’s working again. I created a few more posts, and it slowly came to a crawl. I uninstalled WP-Cache, and installed WP-Super-Cache. That’s where we are at now. This site is hosted on a shared server with many other sites. If it remains up that means I haven’t run out of bandwidth yet (well, it is early in the month still), and the cache is helping out with the processor.

HaHa, you fooled me, this site is EPIC!!!
Thank you, I appreciate your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m sure it’s the most epic-est thing I could have done with this site. I’m sure you didn’t want to see boring details about somebody whose name is the same, but didn’t screw Bristol.

You suck, this is obviously fake.
Welcome to the inside joke. Yes, this is fake. I’m sorry you feel about me that way, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? There are many many other things to do on the internet than waste your time typing these hurtful comments.

What party are you with?
I believe in voting for who you think deserves your vote based on your beliefs. I am ‘registered’ as a democrat. I used to be registered as an independent, but – go figure – nobody cares about the independent voters, so I never received ballots, and I had to figure out where to go to vote on my own. I registered as a democrat, and I get things in the mail, and calls all the time about when to vote, how to vote (mail/in person), and WHERE the voting location is. This is the ONLY reason I’m registered as a democrat. I do not vote on party lines.

Who are you voting for?
You should not care who I’m voting for. Please make informed decisions based on the candidates history of truthfulness, their ideas, beliefs, etc. etc. I am not going to disclose who I’m voting for because I don’t keep afloat on the latest news in politics. Do your own research, and really look into each of the candidates history of truthfulness, ideas, and all that.

Is anybody paying you to do this???
Short answer: No
Long answer: I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again to make sure you understand. My name really is Levi Johnston. If I would’ve left up the site that was here just before the news broke, my site would be down, and anybody who viewed it would not get any entertainment out of it. I decided to make a parody site. I do have google adsense on the site, but it will not come close to paying the hosting fees (nobody clicks ads when they’re looking for a juicy scoop on somebody famous — they’re just not in a buying mood). Hey, if I gave you a little chuckle, or you passed the site around the office or forwarded to friends online, and want to show your appreciation, send me an email…knocked.up@levi with the subject (From Palin). If you feel you must give something monetary to me, just donate your money to one of the many great causes on this earth – Here’s one to help Palin out: National Down Syndrome Society. Hey! It’s even tax-deductable.

Various Mentions:

“But the few revelations about Johnston are enough for someone to have set up a spoof web page.

Might as well set it up…I’m going to get the traffic anyway.

“The twist: wasn’t registered by an opportunistic domain-name speculator or a political troublemaker.”

Thank you. I didn’t ask for this. Now that it’s here – I’ll make lemonade.

Fight The Palin Smears:
“A particularly disgusting website…This website is a fraud and is intended to deceive visitors into thinking Levi is considering aborting their child. “

Thanks. Unfortunately, I’m not deceiving anybody. Gee, I wonder if it’s because of that BIG BOLD RED headline at the top of each page???

“The most poignant piece of analysis you’ll ever read”

I’m actually kind of confused about this page, but what the hell.

Habitus-Here Blog:
“Whatever happened to journalistic accuracy? I was quite appalled with the Straits Times today when I came across a mistake in the article”

It goes on to indicate a Singapore newspaper that does have a print edition quoted my blog as a source for the other Levi Johnston. This was not my intention. However, I am looking to get my hands on a copy of that paper. I would link directly to the article, but it requires a subscription.

CannonFire – Blog:
“…a site which purportedly belongs to Britol Palin’s boyfriend. After exposure as a hoax, the website’s perpetrators quickly added a message proclaiming “This is a parody.” Look at the posts and you’ll see no attempts at humor. This blog was meant to deceive.”

For this blog, I was just going to put a comment on the post of the blog. I decided my readers might be interested to know how I see my site….so here goes.

Nice try, but the disclosure on the Levi Johnston blog was always on the blog, so it wasn’t meant to deceive. The blog posts were meant to be so over the top that it was supposed to be obvious that it was a joke. Then, the reader would try to look around the menus to see if it was admitted to be fake. Unfortunately, some took it at face value, and immediately started submitting comments. This is why the bold red letters at the top of all pages were added after about 12 hours of operation. I repeat, the disclosure page was always there and clearly visible from the main menu.

If you really want to see some deceiving things, look at any onion story. It’s much harder to tell it’s satire. Here’s an example of a story:
Go ahead…Try to find that the story is fake on the page itself. You can’t. It is buried in the menu at the bottom under “Privacy Policy” (Much more vague than Disclosure in the main menu). Once you get to that page, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom again to read “The Onion is a satirical newspaper…” (Much more difficult than bold red letters on the Disclosure page).

If you would have actually read the disclosure page, you would have noticed there were no “perpetrators” (plural). It is one individual (me) who has done nothing ‘wrong’ (assumed from the harsh perpetrator word) except bring entertainment to those obviously seeking it.

Neither party should care about somebody who wasn’t directly influenced by Sarah Palin (Levi Johnston was not directly parented by Sarah). Since I’m getting 15,625% more traffic than average, obviously people do. I did not seek out this information to make this parody site. Honestly, if my website wouldn’t have been affected, I wouldn’t have even known about this guy. My life was interrupted by visitors to my personal blog asking if I was the hockey player. I was getting comments, Instant Messages, and email about it. If I hadn’t set my domain to private shortly after, I’m sure I would’ve received mail and phone calls too. Instead of just continually replying, I decided to give the people (visitors) what they wanted.

If you can’t see the humor in the posts by how over the top they are, then you are simply blinded by rage, and fit into the first category of visitor to my page (See Below)

There are a few types of visitors to the site.

1.> Far Righty’s looking for information on this guy to make sure they have their stories straight when a lefty brings up the subject. They find my site, and either:

  • Believe it’s true. Read the blog posts, read the comments, and reply saying to the other commenters that they are mean. They are blinded by the rage, and can’t see the obvious satire
  • They find out it’s fake. They lambast me for even thinking of this, before even reading the rest of the disclosure on why I did it. Perhaps they even make up silly conspiracies to satisfy their minds. One thought it was setup by the Obama campaign. Another said that obviously, the disclosure was only put up after it was exposed. — haha, oh wait, that was you. Yes, I’m saying your blog is more deceiving than my blog. You blatantly lied about me putting up the disclosure after being exposed. Since the lie is about some crazy loony on the internet (me), instead of a public figure, I guess it’s ok? My site may lie about the things the Hockey Levi did, but at least it discloses that it is not the truth. If I had the personality the other Levi does, I would say “**** YOU!,” but instead I will say “Thank you for your constructive criticism. I will take it into consideration; however, I kindly disapprove of your actions.” Thank you.

2.> Far lefty’s to see if there’s any juicy info on this. They find my site, and either

  • Think it’s real, and go to ridicule who they think to be the hockey Levi.
  • Find out it’s fake, thank me for creating it, thank me for helping the lefty’s campaign, and bash the righty commenters that think it’s real.

3.> Then there’s a group I would put myself in. Someone who does not care about what party lines are, and doesn’t care about the petty bashing from either party. This group of people come to the site because a friend forwarded them the link. They see right through the left/right BS (in the comments). They see that this was way more entertaining than just leaving the site as it would have been. It allows them to see that they have made the right decision to be impartial to party. They see how idiotic it is to fight over things so petty as this. Sometimes, they continue the parody acting like they were this or that person commenting on the blog (such as the various comments from George Bush, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice etc). Others don’t comment, but give themselves a little pat on the back, saying “Thank god I don’t get all worked up over nothing like some of these people.”

Life is too short people! Live well. “Don’t sweat the small stuff – and it’s all small stuff” (Blatently ripped off the title of a book by Dr. Richard Carlson).

78 Responses to “Disclosure”

  1. babzee (Douglasville, GA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Good on you, Levi-Senior (I assume you are older than the kid)! I had a fun visit and I think you are spot on in your parody. Maybe your skills lie more in writing and creating than webbing?

  2. permaisuri (Kuala Lumpur, 14, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia) Says:


  3. harry (Notting Hill, 07, Australia Flag of Australia) Says:

    this is freaking hilarious,
    it’s so obviously not his blog.
    yet stupid people,
    looking for goss,
    come and try to read into it.
    i really do enjoy it.

    nice job.

  4. AssFace (Louise, MS, United States Flag of United States) Says:


  5. Susi H. (Braunau, 05, Germany Flag of Germany) Says:

    Hey man, what a funny idea 😉 – I guess it would be quite strange if I would read my name every day in gossip newspapers- I hope your friends are not too much joking on you 😉

  6. Levi Johnston « Evaqueer’s Weblog (Plano, TX, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    […] but yeah…you should probably read my disclosure. […]

  7. jj (Laval, QC, Canada Flag of Canada) Says:

    Quote, it 2007 may, CHECK ARCHIVES,”Hi, I’m Levi Johnston. I’m 16 years old, and I live in Alaska (burr, it’s cold). I like playing hockey.”
    You don’t sound like you live in Alaska? I think you are the real deal who now look stupid, lol. Cover it up like they told you,lol.

  8. eccle (Caracas, 25, Venezuela Flag of Venezuela) Says:

    you are right though.
    This name -surname identification system sucks for this 6 billion members society.
    We should all indentify ourselves with numbers, then tragedies like this would be avoided.

    Plus some people would say you are insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain in our shirt.

  9. Crystal (East Earl, PA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Hey Levi – your dad mentioned this site. Would never have thought to look it up and would never have know the connection otherwise… LOL – I hear you’re quite notorious in your own right and you obvously take after your dad in your sense of humor.

  10. thomas c. (Phoenix, AZ, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Very, very cool, Levi. What an awesome retard trap. Easily the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. I think my favorite part is the list of sites that reference yours, as if your little web page was important somehow. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many of your visitors were unable to read the large red disclaimers. Hopefully, they’ll be similarly confused by the directions to their polling places and thus eliminate themselves from the vote pool. Evolution, of a sort, in action…

  11. Nick Johnson (Kempton Park, 06, South Africa Flag of South Africa) Says:


    This is brilliant.

    Pity people don’t have a sense of humor and have the need to hurl abuse at you. sucks.

    hope that you get hired as a web developer or something because of this though, brilliant marketing in my opinion.

  12. Jack P (Unknown City, , Australia Flag of Australia) Says:

    Ha Ha, Can’t believe that this site is still getting forwarded around. Hopefully we (as in the greater world) will not have to hear to much more about the wasilla hillbillies anymore. Not since Nov 5 anyway…lol.

    Nice work man.

  13. Kate Haney (Jacksonville, FL, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    For the record…I am a right-wing, conservative Christian, Republican who does vote along party lines, but I do have to say…Funny, funny web-site. Good job on it. It you can’t have a sense of humor about things in this life then what are you in it for? I even though I am littel bit ofended by some of the stuff does not lessen the funny factor any. I can laugh at the left and the right as I see fit. God Bless America!

    Anyways…ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. And I never would have found your site and read these posts if not for the Vanity Card at the end of the most recent episode of “Two & a Half Men”.

  14. IC (Dallas, TX, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Nicely done! I was looking at junk on the internet…as usual…and blah blah blah you know how these days you’re reading something and you go, ‘oh, that is interesting, let’s see what Google has to say,’ —
    Long story endless, they had the baby, I searched, et voila!

    Happy New Year to you, Levi Johnston. Happy New Year to all Levi Johnstons, wherever you may be.

  15. Julia M Zvaners (Sioux Falls, SD, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    What you are doing even though you call it a “parody site” and claim caught you. The only one you fooled was yourself. You must be a dumb as Levi. This site is neither literary nor musical…..sick is the only way to describe it.
    Why don’t you do yourself a favor and the world and check into the nearest psycho ward where they can fill you full of truth serum till they flush out all the filth in your brain.

  16. Libby (Adelaide, 05, Australia Flag of Australia) Says:

    Haha, good one. Nice to see someone has a sense of humour 🙂

  17. Reaper (Unknown City, , United States Flag of United States) Says:
    Not a spoof just a site concerned with finding the truth.

  18. Preston (Kansas City, MO, United States Flag of United States) Says:


    This is the funniest thing… I really had NO clue who Levi Johnston was, either of you, until I saw a rerun of Two and a Half Men and read the vanity card by Chuck Lorre. I honestly have no interest in gossip “news” like the goings on of two teenagers who just happen to be connected to a candidate. I wasn’t trying to find info on this kid who apparently is/was in an tough position, I was just curious if the vanity card was for real and if this “Levi Johnston” had accepted the money or if it was some sort of an inside joke that Chuck Lorre was pulling. I find him to be a good comedy writer, and I was really curious about the story behind the vanity card. Turns out, I am just that disconnected from the bullshit election and all the bullshit “news” around it. The entire election system is the true joke anyway. The voters do not really matter, and I believe, on some level, they know it, which is why they allow themselves to be swayed by the ridiculous propaganda of both sides (and even independent… I mean, there are so many people that can see the obvious bullshit that is spewed from both parties, so they support ANY independent candidate).

    Anyway, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I googled the Chuck Lorre vanity card, but I congratulate you on your success of this interesting turn of events. I say success because obviously you have done something interesting and thought/comment provoking. I also thoroughly agree with your opinions on the way people should/should not think while deciding how to vote. It should not matter how you or I or my church leader or my college professor or, god forbid, the “News” think and vote, the only opinions that should sway the voter are those of that voter. The true tragedy is that our society would rather chose between one of two out-dated parties and gobble up their bullshit then to put in the work to actually research ALL the people who would be so bold as to claim to be competent enough to lead this great country! And that such people make it so difficult to find reliable information about their RELEVANT experience and qualification.

  19. Marina Corbin (Clarksville, TN, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    I believe you Levi that is all that matters. Don’t listen to the nasty people up there ok. God, Jesus and me we love you – forever.
    Love in Jesus, Marina.
    you did your best and that is all Jesus asks!!

  20. Lyssa Noelle (Unknown City, , Unknown Country Flag of Unknown Country) Says:

    Quite frankly, I think this website is a huge waste of time. It’s not funny and anyone in their right mind would not believe that for one second it could be real. I’m not sure what is so hilarious about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston’s situation. The fake blogs you wrote were not witty but simply cruel. You may not know much or even care about what the other Levi is dealing with but having a child at such a young age, especially when the woman having it is connected to someone of political power, is difficult and you need not mock it. I really hope no one gave you a job for the poorly done work they saw on this website.

  21. Abby (Unknown City, , Unknown Country Flag of Unknown Country) Says:

    I’m at work right now and I share this post with my colleagues and we all laughing like crazy, our boss come to us because he didn’t knew what is happening. Great post! Really great!

  22. Amos Lowe (Sonoma, CA, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Hi Levi; Love your site, Wish you all the best, God bless

  23. Pete (Unknown City, , United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom) Says:

    Níl mé ag mothú lá atá inniu ann chomh maith. Ní mór a bheith ar an aimsir go dona. Hope tú ag leagan níos fearr ná mise.

  24. kc (Portland, OR, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    your website cracks me the hell up.

  25. Dawg (Portland, OR, United States Flag of United States) Says:

    Hey…this site cracks me up.
    I have a question and idea that would crack you up too.

  26. Viva (Kincumber, 02, Australia Flag of Australia) Says:

    I see you lost interest in your site some years ago. Would you consider selling the domain name?

    Levi is about to embark on a long-term attempt to have regular access to his son. I believe he’ll need all the resources of the internet in order to defend himself against the ongoing attacks on his character by Miss Palin and her family. These attacks have been carried out for the duration of Tripp’s life and no end to them appears in sight.

    Please let me know if you’re willing to assist Levi in being a father to his son. The child will have enough unhappiness in his life being a member of the dysfunctional Palin family and being raised (so far) by a series of ‘uncles’.

  27. how to cancel google plus account (Unknown City, , Unknown Country Flag of Unknown Country) Says:

    whoah this blog is magnificent i really like reading your posts.

    Stay up the great work! You know, a lot of individuals are searching around for this information,
    you can help them greatly.

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